Camp Sawi


Camp Sawi is actually good. From all of these disappointing and non-sense Viva Films lately, the film is actually a rare stand-out. From its very relatable plot and very engaging conversations, Camp Sawi invested well on its HUGOT & Moving on formula that is very appealing to everyone. Aside from the plot, the film showcased the beautiful island of Bantayan in Cebu. Lastly, the film’s strength lies with its talented cast. Bella Padilla is impressive. Arci and Yassi are on their normal best too. Yes, Arci is nailing it again here. The complexity of the conflict may be as shallow as the whole plot, but the mix of drama and comedy, made the film enjoyable to watch. Some valuable lessons in love along the way too. Not be as memorable as others but loved the film as a whole. 3/5 stars

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