Conjuring 2


Conjuring 2 is a heart-pounding & chill from the spine horror masterpiece that gave Insidious 1 – 3 a run for their money. Perhaps, this is the best modern horror to beat in terms of scare techniques that are truly memorable and terrifying at most scenes. I love how James Wann played with darkness and applied some unique cinematography and visual editing as well. Screamed a lot on this 2nd installment of Conjuring that perhaps learned how to step up the game in Hollywood mainstream horror after the success of the Insidious chapters. Plot is still derived from the true cases of the Warrens in the 1970s. It still includes a family and house setting. Similar formula might be used by the plot was crafted with creativity this time. I loved how they the director injected the drama of the Family and the main characters. It is a roller coaster ride of surprises and twists. 5/5 stars.

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