How to be Yours


How To Be Yours is a subtle Romantic Pinoy piece from the magical hands of Dan Villegas that veered away from the loud romcomm formula and settled with a little “pabebe” plot this time. The film is not as expected for those die-hard romantic Pinoy film fans but will surely please majority of its matured viewers with a realism plot that is very relatable nowadays. The plot was presented well and organized enough to establish the conflict and realization between career and love. I loved the central focus of the film as it is relatable to me as well 🙂 Conversations are downgraded this time. A bit cheesy but somehow bearable. Thanks to Bea & Gerald’s acting prowess. Their chemistry is good. It is not as memorable compared with Always be My Maybe & English Only Please but How to be Yours is a Star Cinema masterpiece still worth-watching. 4/5 stars for me for being so spot on.

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