The Revenant



Riveting. Striking. Deep. Violent. Disturbing. The Revenant showcased the best of Leonardo Di Carpio yet. Inspired by true events, the movie depicts the triumph of human spirit and survival against the harsh weather, nature and human betrayal. This cinematic masterpiece paved way for some breakthrough in Hollywood films as it invested on great panoramic and dramatic shoots of the American Wilderness in the 1820s and some superb techniques of violence interpreted in a very realistic way. The brutality of the film got its R16 rating and is therefore not suited for younger audiences. It may have a tendency to bore its audience due to its distinct & creative approach on its plot and cinematography, The Revenant climbed its way to being one of the most memorable film of DiCarpio to date. Piece of advise, this movie will not please Adventure & Thrill-junkies out there. Overall, satisfying at 4/5 stars.

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