Walang Forever


For me, no wonder why Walang Forever won the Best Picture for MMFF 2015. The film is a mirror of reality – a reality about love. Clichè as it may be coined but the word “walang forever” was given a whole new interpretation with maturity. Youngsters may aspire for this kind of status nowadays but the film showed depth as it presented a solid plot about selfless love, second chances & forgiveness. I recommend this film to shallow youngsters who have misconception about love. Other than a compelling storyline, Walang Forever’s strength lies with Jennylyn & Jericho itself. The two lead actors’ chemistry was really strong. I commend Jericho for being his best. Jennylyn was impressive as always. They both complimented well with each other. Their acting fits the demand of the story. Scenes were indeed relatable as it depicted norm of the society. It need not to have those striking lines for it to be so striking as the flow of the story will bring you to heartwarming realization that FOREVER really exist. Shed some tears along the way. For me, the best Pinoy ROMCOM Film to date. Hats off Dan Villegas on this.

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