Ouija: Origin of Evil


Started a little bit slow and uneven but Ouija: Origin of Evil is a deliciously creepy and disturbing horror masterpiece that gave its Predecessor a big run for its money. Well, at least the 2nd one didn’t suck at all. Some might expect much as it is compared with Conjuring and Insidious but the movie is a stand-alone for me in majority of horror technicalities. It is not the scariest film for me though. What I love about the movie is the tension it slowly build towards a spine-chilling and terrifying climax. In fairness, the movie introduced several new scare techniques and invested on a very talented young cast and superb sound engineering and some good visuals too. This board-game horror piece combined a decent house thriller councept and exorcism formula in the right amount. I must give it to the cast though especially Lulu Wilson who is by far the best child horror actress for me in Hollywood. She is adorable and scary at the same time. Lots of solid jump-out scares and some really badass scare stuff. If you are in for some screams this Halloween, this movie is for you and your friends. Giving it 4/5 stars.

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