The Accountant



The Accountant plays its audience with an interesting plot that may hit-and-miss action junkie audience and leaves a lingering feel of curioisity in the end for those silent film lovers. Yes, the movie is not your typical car-chasing and bone-crushing flick. The movie was able to combined different techniques in making you glued in your seats until the end. With a very risky take on Autism and special abilities, the film invested on Ben Affleck’s most powerful performance yet after Gone Girl. The is puzzle-thriller film was able to maximize its semi-bloated running time in telling a story behind the Accountant. It may have a lot of loop holes and loosely executed script and interpretation, but I actually find the movie entertaining as a whole. The addition of Anna Kendrick is a little charm over this dark mystery-thriller. The Accountant might have ended in a less fashionable manner but the ending justified the whole film’s worth. Well, this movie might bore some of you but you can try to look at the other side of the coin and find this interesting the least. 3.5/5 stars.

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