The Unmarried Wife


The Unmarried Wife never failed to be one of Star Cinema’s finest. However, I find the whole film’s running time to be exhausting as it is bloated. The film might be a cliché from all the infidelity-themed out there but there is something about The Unmarried Wife. I actually loved how the film portrayed Woman empowerment and how the conflict became the turning point inspiration of the film’s intriguing title. The movie was supported well with some flashbacks that actually made sense as a whole. Aside from that, the scenes were not so overdressed and the confrontation scenes were elevated with mature execution. The Director was so subtle in delivering the film’s message. A little bit heavy at some point but the degree of conflicts in the film were actually the factor to convey what the film is all about. At some point, you will think that the film is too much. Aside from a very good execution in terms of story-telling, the film’s strength lies with its talented cast. Angelic P. never failed to impress me with her acting prowess. Dingdong and Paulo were both fit for their role. The 3 actors complimented well in all of their performances. Not as impressive as it should be but the film is a masterpiece on its own. 4/5 stars

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