In order to know where you’re going, you need to know where you come from. Disney’s Moana is an animated film inspired by the actual story of the people in the South Pacific in the height of the explorations in the sea. For me, this is one of Disney’s finest and rightful to be one of the most memorable animated film ever produced in history. This family-friendly adventure flick will please your eyes with great and impressive visuals, engaging conversations, good story phasing and some really heartwarming lessons. There is so much to love about the film. From its very refreshing Polynesian-inspired theme down to very lovable characters of Moana, Maui and not to mention the chicken and the pig. Aside from its child-friendly formula, Moana is a musical masterpiece also. With its very nice songs and numbers, the film won’t bore you even for a second. Loved the songs so much that I wanna listen to it every time. The movie is just fascinating to watch from beginning to end. The adventure beyond the sea will let your imaginations fly. Definitely worth-watching many times. Giving it perfect 5 stars.

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