Office Christmas Party


Just when Office Christmas Party becomes another non-sense Hollywood piece… Well actually it is still, but this time with a little depth and worth. I enjoyed the movie. I actually admire the whole plot. Be it non-sense and unecessary but the movie for me was able to pull-out some badass entertainment and a little encouraging lesson in the end. It is the Hangover – Corporate Version. Never thought to be satisfied with the kind of movie that is easy to digest yet meaningless generally. Typically, it has those R16 scenes to appeal with a more matured audience but the rest of the pieces are pretty satisfying at most times. Loved the comedic timing too. Forgetting cinematic flaws and technicalities, the Office Christmas Party is worth a round of popcorn. Nice to see Jennifer Aniston, TJ Miller and the rest of its underrated cast in one of the most hilarious Holiday offering in Hollywood nowadays. Giving it 3.5/5 stars.


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