Vince & Kath & James


When you feel like the film is generally shallow, you tend to be technical with the actors and actresses. Fortunately, Vince Kath and James was able to satisfy both. Star Cinema’s magic is once again shown in this RomComm movie inspired by a viral text-serye in Facebook. Well, I lowered my expectations on this one and I ended to be satisfied. The film is still shallow and might be too cheesy and “corny” for others but what I loved about the film is how the Director played with very relatable scenes appealing to a younger market’s perspective on love. Generally, this film is for millenials as it mirrors the generation of today especially in dealing matters about the heart. With a little and averagely justifiable conflict, the movie was able to cope up. The film’s strength is credited to its actors. This is a redeeming role of Julia Barreto for me. She has shown improvement in her acting. Ronnie Alonte on the other hand was good though his acting skills needs improvement. The biggest revelation is Joshua Garcia. He is just impressive. With the risk of new and fresh faces, the movie was able to tickle its audience at most parts. Still, a Star Cinema piece worth-watching. 4/5 stars.

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