Assassin’s Creed


This review is from a POV of a NON-GAMER.

Assassin’s Creed’s impressive action sequences, good visuals and good cinematography are not enough to cover the film’s incoherent storytelling and confusing plot. Well, it should have been pleasing to fans of the games. But taking into consideration its appeal to non-gamers, the film would bring disappointments as the backstory was not properly laid down considering its the first installment. I wish the film has shed some focus on the Assassin’s background and the importance and value of the apple. Aside from its dark theme, the film showcased more of action scenes and violence covering up its lousy storyline.

What I liked about Assassin’s Creed

The good thing about AC is its faithfulness to the video games as reviewed by Gamer fans. Personally, I am impressed with the action scenes. I must commend the longest and continuous action sequence that was well-executed from stunts to amazing areal shots. I also loved the Production design especially the Spanish Inquisition setting. Somehow, the film was able to give justice on that aspect. Also, Michael Fassbender made a great job in his portrayal. Nevertheless, the film was good though it failed to connect at me until the end.


3/5 stars.

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