Split is insanely good in a quite disturbing way.




Kevin is diagnosed with an identity disorder that manifests 23 different personalities and one that remains to be materialized to dominate all others. As he abducted three teenage girls, he began to expose his disorder and mental divisions to them. In the fight of survival, the girls figured their way out of his disorder as Kevin’s 24th personality slowly unfolds. SPLIT is written and directed by  M. Night Shyamalan under Universal Pictures.

Casts: James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula & Brad William Henke.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Suspense (PG13)

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Cheers to the brilliant minds of M. Night Shyamalan as he brings us another thrilling masterpiece in the movie Split. This psychological thriller is definitely one of his best and one of Hollywood’s best in the genre. The film is crafted well from Cinematography down to a very intriguing plot about how powerful human minds are especially when talking about mental divisions or disorders. What I like about Split is that it may have those Psychological and technical terms but it is very easy to digest. The audience will be entertained on the shifting of Kevin’s multiple personalities and will glue us with a good chop of suspense and thrills along the way. Also, the sound engineering was superb. I also love the sequencing of the story towards a very intense and mind-blowing climax especially on the revealing of Kevin’s 24th personality. It was chilling and very disturbing for me. The movie is acted with great actresses but the main spotlight was with James McAvoy. McAvoy’s disturbing, excellent & award-winning performance is what this film all about. You will be amazed with his acting skills on this one. Probably his best so far. The film’s running time is just enough to entertain the plot’s fluid and organize theme. I must say, I am pretty impressed with Split especially with McAvoy. Worth-watching indeed.


I wish to add a little intensity on some scenes and in the climax but this was totally forgivable.


10/10 Popcorns

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