Travel-inspired Tote Bags

Monograf Apparel & MC features the first set of Travel-inspired Tote Bags under the special Michael Carbon Collections for only Php 199.00 each.


  • Layers of textile made of 100% US-made Polyester Cloth
  • Prints are infused to each thread with the help of special ink and heat transfer technology.

These designs are inspired by some of my Personal Travels:

Product Code: MC001 (Shot in Camiguin Island, Mindanao)
Product Code: MC002 (Shot in Sarangani Island, Mindanao)
Product Code; MC003 (Streetfoods in Shanghai, China)
Product Code: MC004 (Shot in Boracay Island)
Product Code: MC005 (Generic Images)

2-ways to order:

  1. Like our Official Facebook Page HERE and send us a Private Message. Take note of the Product Code for easy transaction.
  2. Go to this Website’s CONTACT Page. Click HERE.¬†Fill in the necessary details (Email is required) and the Product code.

Standard Delivery Charges applies for orders outside Gensan & Davao City.

For Gensan & Davao, FREE PICK-UP on selected areas only.


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