An overused RomCom formula saved by KathNiel themselves. Can’t Help Falling in Love is actually a great film because of them.




Can’t Help Falling in love is the latest addition to the trusted KATHNIEL love team in the RomCom formula. The film is about a career-oriented woman named Gab who is currently engaged with her longtime boyfriend. Her world changed when she found out that she is already married with a total stranger and happy-go-lucky guy named Dos. In the process, they have to figure it out why they ended as a couple realizing  a blossoming love story along the way.  This is directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar and with story and screenplay by Carmi Raymundo and Kristine Gabriel under Star Cinema.

Cast: Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Matteo Guidicelli, Cherry Pie Picache, Lito Pimentel, Lotlot De Leon, Dennis Padilla, Joross Gamboa, Janus Del Prado, Kristel Fulgar, Pinky Amador, Johnny Revilla, Hannah Ledesma, Devon Seron, Chienna Filomeno, Earl Ignacio, Nina Dolino, Belle Mariano, and Clarence Delgado.

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama

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KathNiel gets better and better every movie they are in to. Can’t Help Falling in love is the latest addition of their tried & tested blockbuster appeal and undeniable strong charm and chemistry on-screen and even off-screen. The movie is an overall feel-good movie with lots of kilig moments from this phenomenal love team. The central plot is very good. They invested on this “Fake Marriage” then with a little resemblance of the Hollywood’s hangover plot. I loved how the Director played with the plot and relate to the characters in the movie. Aside from that, the conflict was laid out properly. It was well-justified and the timing is just right. Conversations are generally-relatable though expect a little bit mature and naughty KathNiel on this movie. I also loved the location of the movies. My most favorite part is the South Cebu scenes. Glad, they featured South Cebu on the movie. What I certainly like about this film is that it did not dwell much on the serious aspect and demand of the plot. Lots of comedy or humor along the way that made the film pretty- enjoyable to watch. Aside from KathNiel, the supporting characters were also good. Kathryn Bernardo did well on her acting this time. I loved how she portrayed a mature type of woman in the film. Daniel Padilla is really good with his natural acting though I must commend, this is his most charming and most bubbly portrayal ever. I loved how Daniel throw in some punchlines in the movie. Overall, the movie resonates a positive feeling in the end with a very nice and heartwarming message about love and even family.


Well, the movie’s plot and formula is a little bit overused already. Somehow, we needed  new and fresher take on Pinoy RomComs formula who usually evolve on the same scenarios and conflicts all over again. Though the movie’s main plot is unique, what happens after is a constant repetition of one of the characters realizing he/she has fallen out of love when he/she met this happy-go-lucky guy who made him/her realize something. The third party formula is still there. Then the normal family affairs or issues with moms and dads are always present. I mean, no question about KathNiel. They are so great. As a whole, Pinoy RomComs should start evolving. Nevertheless, these statements won’t affect my ratings for the movie since I really enjoyed it.


10/10 Popcorns.

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