Still the same breed of adventure and fun – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales delivers.




Captain Jack Sparrow faces an old nemesis named Salazar, who along with his Spanish navy ghost crew escaped from the Devil’s triangle in the pursuit to kill every pirate at sea. Jack, with the help of new allies named Henry & Carina, must seek the Trident of Poseidon in order to defeat Salazar. This movie is directed by Joachim Ronning & Espen Sandberg under Walt Disney Pictures.

Casts: Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scodelario, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Kevin McNally, Stephen Graham

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction


Bringing the same adventure and fun that only Pirates of the Caribbean Series could bring – Dead Men Tell No Tales (Salazar’s revenge) will always be one of your favorites. I really like the movie. It was visually-entertaining from beginning to end. I see a great improvement in visual editing this time with superb CGI effects (which is more real this time) and very impressive production design as usual. What I love about the movie is that there’s a lot happening around. You will be glued by exciting scenes and action sequences. Lots of thrilling moments this time. I love the variety of sequences until a very great climax. The twist and turns were great. The phasing was past. In as much it should have a reference to previous films of the franchise, but Dead Men Tell No Tales could easily stand alone. The plot is overall easy to understand for this one though I believe that the whole Pirates franchise are stretched too much to acommodate new ideas and conflicts in sea adventure. This time, I loved the new characters. Johnny Depp is still as iconic and impressive as the ever lovable Captain Jack Sparrow. Also, I commend performances of Brenton and Kaya and their chemistry on-screen. I really expect them both to be on the next sequels if ever. The comeback of Javior, Orlando and Keira were also a great sight in the movie. Overall, I am impressed and this is truly worth-watching.


Well, if you focus on the fun and the adventure, I think Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is great flick.


10/10 Popcorns.

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