Kidnap (2017)




A typical afternoon in the park turns into a nightmare for single mom Karla when her son suddenly disappears. Desperate to find her son, Karla went off in pursuit of the kidnappers in a heroic attempt to save her son at all cost. KIDNAP is directed by Luis Prieto under Aviron Pictures.

Casts: Halle Berry, Sage Correa, Chris McGinn, Lew Temple, Dana Gourrier & Christopher Berry

Genre: Thriller, Suspense


If you are in for some popcorn fun flick over the weekend, Kidnap might be one of your choices in the cinema. As a slick thriller, Kidnap successfully maintained action sequences that is mostly attributed to a realistic setting and a powerful performance from Halle Berry. Plot-wise, the story evolves around the unfortunate event wherein Karla’s son was kidnapped at the park. The next events unfolding that main premise were a series of well-crafted car chases and crashes and a very mid-octane thriller that is closer to a realistic scene we encounter everyday. It is realistic in the sense that the car chases were not so pumped out like those in the Fast and Furious scenes. I like the way the director played safe during these scenes showing a small amount but a solid production design and cinematography especially on moving scenes. Camera angles were on-point and were utilized well especially on suspense moments. Also, the kidnappers were not a highly-organized group at all giving a taste of realism in the story wherein audiences could really feel that it could happen anywhere in the world. For me, the sequences were just right and the road scenes were impressive enough. What I like the most is that the character of Karla is not a professional fighter and this limitation of her’s bring us to the idea of how far can a mother go to fight for her son. It was just pure maternal instinct and guts. The climax was good. More than its slick formula, Kidnap’s star is Halle Berry herself. She was just so amazing and impressive. I can see her full commitment in the character. Kidnap may lack intensity but the movie is truly a wonderful thrill ride.


Kidnap may invest more on the realistic formula but it somehow lacks intensity. It is obviously predictable. I expected much more investment on the struggle. Nevertheless, its a decent B-movie after all.


7/10 Popcorns.

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