Last Night (Star Cinema)




Mark, a man who is dealing with personal issues meets Carmina after they rescue an old man from the railway tracks. The two then get together and have fun. Although both of them have other partners, they decided to spend one last night together. They both learned something about each other and their struggles in life. This movie is directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal under Star Cinema.

Casts: Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga, Joey Marquez, Lou Veloso, Margie Moran, Illac Diaz, Cholo Barreto, Patrick Sugui & Cedric Juan

Genre: Romance, Drama

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Last Night offers a new take and spin-off on the typical Star Cinema Romcom films especially when we talk about Piolo and Toni as love team. This time, its dark, controversial yet very creative and deep. Last Night tackles a very sensitive issue of Suicide and the struggles of life that really goes through a certain variety of audience who are not used with the way Star Cinema movies are a done. On a larger scale, the movie isn’t fully glorifying suicide but rather takes the audience to a floating idea and realizations especially when we are faced with bigger problems and hardships in our way. Despite the dark and controversial take of the plot, the movie geared away by injecting light humor and very engaging conversations throughout the movie. Aside from that, the setting and production design is superb featuring the beautiful Intramuros and iconic Jones Bridge. The phasing was just right to give away to a surprising and emotional twist. Aside from that, the Theme songs fit the movie. Glad they got Moira for this tooActing-wise, Toni and Piolo were just a joy to watch on-screen. They were both natural and their chemistry is effortless. Both of them gave justice to their roles as a whole. What I love about Last Night is its creative approach in presenting life lessons that is truly very relatable especially to mature audiences. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Last Night is dark, deep, brilliantly-crafted and relevant.


Well, if you are expecting Last Night to be a typical romcom movie of Star Cinema, you might get disappointed and even bored at times. Last Night is an entirely different spin that may hit or miss Pinoy audience. On the plot development, some hints and turnaround is presented on the first half. Somehow, this reveal lost the film’s mystery and magic as you are looking at the film on that projection already and the waiting time is a little bit prolonged. As a whole, I still enjoyed Last Night. For the record, the movie did not bring me to tears but it did moved and I can almost feel the heavy and heartwarming feel inside. Somehow, I felt the whole movie is relevant.


8/10 Popcornsz

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