The Debutantes




The Debutantes is a story of girls aspiring for an enjoyable 18th birthday celebration but has instead turned bloody with a curse cast upon them. This is directed by Prime Cruz under Regal Entertainment Inc.

Casts: Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Michelle Vito, Jane de Leon, Chanel Morales, Paolo Gumabao,

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Previous Movies of Prime Cruz: Can we still be friends? (Star Cinema, 2017)


As a horror film, The Debutantes is generally consistent with its tone, formula and storyline. Horror films produced by Regal Films lately are really changing the industry’s trend in Pinoy Horror film-making. What I like about The Debutantes is its risk in bringing in young and fresh faces in showbiz as its main characters. It was actually refreshing to see these young, talented and beautiful ladies who each portrayed well in their respective roles. Sue was a great lead actress. I can see her shining in every scene and she was able portray well that weirdo and troubled kind of person. Michelle, Chanel, Jane & Miles were all great too. The 3 mean girls were pretty annoying hence they are all effective. Miles was a good support lead too. In terms of plot, The Debutantes is straight-forward in being a Horror film with a handful of solid jump-out scares and fairly-executed death scenes. Its a bloody ride indeed. The sound effects were good and the horror scenes are safely done without some obvious CGI effects. Its dark, silent and mysterious.


The main problem I see with The Debutantes is its obvious flaw of revealing the twist at the first half of the movie. The mystery and excitement of its promising material was ruined because of its predictability in the first place. If you are to indentify the turn around of its plot on the early part, there is no more grand or special to expect but see the characters die one by one. This ain’t a spoiler. The trailer already gave a glimpse of them dying in horrible ways. Being scary in general, the film is only average compared with Regal Film’s best Horror movie so far – Haunted Mansion. What The Debutantes lack is the intensity of its death scenes. I could have expected more since there’s a lot to improve in Pinoy Horror films nowadays. Majority of the death scenes could have been more creative and bloodier too. I mean, the movie is totally dark and straight forward so I expect that they will invest on bloody scenes. Unfortunately, death scenes are in small proportions that could have been way better. The talented casts were really put into waste by its poorly-written storyline that is utterly forgetable. You may or may not watch this on cinemas.


5/10 Popcorns.

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