My Perfect You



The film centers on Burn, a broken-hearted man looking to start over and Abi, a hostel owner whom he meets while on vacation. As the film progresses, the two will fall in love with each other despite differences and circumstances surrounding them. My Perfect You is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina under Star Cinema.

Cast: Gerald Anderson, Pia Wurtzbach, Tonton Gutierrez, Dimples Romana, Janus del Pardo, Wilma Doesnt, RJ Ledezma, Marlann Flores, Paolo O’Hara & Darwin Tolentino

Genre: Romantic, Comedy


Star Cinema never fails to produce quality films with the new addition of My Perfect You. Generally, the movie has the typical RomCom Formula which Star Cinema is heavily investing lately. What differs it from other movies is its twist. Without spoiling the twist, My Perfect You is a light-hearted yet inspiring film about second chances in life and gives us a better understanding of depression. Its message cuts deep as it creatively engage its audience with laughter and charm while creating a slow pinch as the movie progresses and as the twist and turn around is unfolding. The movie is utterly inspiring especially for those who are undergoing depression. Moreover, My Perfect You imparts a very basic lesson of smiling and being brave in facing life’s challenges. Indeed, a SMILE could change the world. The movie is successful in letting its audience laugh and feel a little romantic especially on Gerald and Pia’s scenes. The movie’s premise is simple but your whole perspective will change after the twist. Wish I could discuss the turn around and share thoughts about but I guess I have to give a little bit of mystery for the audience. Production design is good. I loved the location of the Happy Sunshine Camp. The underwater scenes were done well too. Gerald and Pia has a good chemistry. They both gave impressive performances and acting chops fit for the film’s dynamics and demand. Gerald shows an improvement on his craft. He was effective in portraying a man defeated by life and challenges. His physical appearance down to his facial expressions – I can almost feel in his eyes that he is tired and wanting to give up already. Pia’s quirky and bubbly portrayal also made the movie light and likable.  Pia’s performance was impressive too given that this is her first lead role in a movie. Aside from his comedic timing, she was also convincing during dramatic scenes. Supporting Characters such as Janus, Wilma, Tonton and Dimples also gave justice to their roles. Wilma’s portrayal was the best. I really commend Dimples’ scene with Gerald, it was heart-wrenching for me. Overall, the movie depicts many social values and realizations especially on the battles all of us are facing. I salute Star Cinema for this bold risk in producing eye-opener movies like this.


Some of the outdoor scenes were a little bit overexposed in my eyes. Some of the song choices were a bit off too. But still, this is worth-watching.


9/10 Popcorn.

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