Haunted by an unexplained and unresolved trauma from her past and compounded by a string of eerie coincidences, Adelaide feels her paranoia elevate to high-alert as she grows increasingly certain that something bad is going to befall her family. After spending a tense beach day with their friends, the Tylers, Adelaide and her family return to their vacation home. When darkness falls, the Wilsons discover the silhouette of four figures holding hands as they stand in the driveway. This movie is directed by Jordan Peele under Universal Pictures.

CASTS: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Evan Alex, Madisson Curry, Cali Sheldon & Noelle Sheldon.

GENRE: Mystery, Thriller


Jordan Peele is on the roll again. After the success of “Get Out”, here comes another brilliant masterpiece that is changing the thriller Genre with Us. What I like about Us is how the weird and scary stuff blended very well. For me, this is one of the best thrillers in Hollywood offering a visually-compelling Cinematography and a very disturbing and creative storyline. I have never imagined that Horror can be pushed in these limits. I am literally at the edge of my seat most of the time. The creepiness of the film is going down my spine. The film was effective to bring that kind of fear that lingers for a while. The concept is entirely unique and has a strong foundation that is gearing towards old-fashioned horror and thriller films. This R-16 film is a complete blood-bath too. Violence is dominant. What I even adore about the movie “Us” is its comedy that is staged well on vital scenes. For me, this is a refreshing take on the genre. The twist is also brilliant. You have to watch “Us”. PERIOD!


What I don’t like is the influence of the movie for me to watch it again. GAAAH!



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2 thoughts on “Us

  1. Brilliant dissection of a movie! Loved your perception of movie watching!
    “Get Out” was so so good that the trailer of “Us” itself increased my temptations of watching the movie immediately. Will give it a try as soon as possible!

    I’d be very glad if you could visit my blog and read my new movie review of “The Manchurian Candidate”.



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