Never seen Horror & Comedy rolled into one present this Holidays. Krampus is not your ordinary Christmas movie that will make you laugh, scare you a bit and touch your hearts with its wonderful message of Family love & sacrifice. Despite its dark Christmas theme, the movie will tickle your heart with heartwarming sequences and some goofy scenes from your favorite Christmas icons. It may fail on establishing a solid start and plot at first, but it somehow touched its audiences with its storyline. The movie is quite far from being a good one nor closer from being a trash as well. 3.5/5 stars.




Spectre is a decent addition on the 007 Series that have been classically entertaining its audience with thrills and twists that will keep you at the edge of your seats throughout the film. It may be bloated but its generally pleasing to the eyes of action junkies out there. In spite of the same formula used all over again, this Franchise deviates itself with great locations, catchy action sequences and likable characters. Daniel Craig is still awesome on this one. 4/5 stars.


Everyday I Love You


When you loved LizQuen from Just the Way You Are, you’ll even love them more in Everyday I Love You. Cheers to ABS-CBN for this another wonderful romantic masterpiece of one the biggest loveteams in the PH nowadays. Aside from featuring the beautiful city of Bacolod, EILY draws its strength from a very light-hearted plot that can keep you smiling when you go out of the theater house. I see a more mature Liza and Enrique in terms of acting. Not to mention their undeniably strong chemistry together. I commend how organized the director is in terms of sequences. The Cinematography of the film is crafted well. Aside from kilig overload, the story blends in the right amount of family drama typical of a Pinoy Romcomm. A feel-good romantic movie Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. 5/5 stars for this. 10/5 stars for Enrique’s stares and smiles. Lol!


The Last Witch Hunter


Perhaps, the lamest Vin Diesel film ever. It may start as an interesting fantasy-themed flick set in the modern times, The Last Witch Hunter will bore you with confusing plot that was not even established well from the start. Despite some good visual effects, this was not enough to save this film from a major disappointment. Vin Diesel was a mismatch on this B-fantasy film that should have been better on the hands of another able director. 2.5/5 stars.


The PreNup


The PreNup offers an adequate amount of romance and comedy that is mainly attributed to Jennyln’s charm and proven acting in Pinoy Romcom industry. Well, I even loved her even more on this film. Sam was a vital accessory though as they bring some on-screen chemistry with Jen. I just have a little problem on the way they establish the plot. Despite a rough and rush start, the film manages to survive with some notable performances and good laughs from Gardo V., Dominic O., Melai C & Jacklyn Jose. Generally relatable plot and characters, The PreNup is worth-watching once 🙂 3.5/5 stars.


The Martian


A very satisfying sci-fi thriller injected with intelligent humor, engaging sequences, compelling storyline and some superb acting performances from Matt Damon. The Martian is a lot better and lighter to digest than Gravity & Interstellar. Cinematography and visuals are great. Sound choices were mostly catchy and good also. This film need not to be that scientifically deep nor heavy to digest for it to become a huge space film. It is most of the time both endurable and enjoyable until the end. This film is a perfect example of human triumph against all odds and the fire to fight for survival and giving all hopes high despite difficult times. Truly, worth-watching. 5/5 stars.


Hotel Transylvania 2


Goofy without a heart. Hotel Transylvania 2 is a perfect baby-sitter film that appeals very well to its young audiences. I just find it a lackluster and somehow uninteresting. For me, it lacks SUBSTANCE. This animated flick has some good laughs and visuals though. Well, at least it goes for the kids. You may or may not watch this. Just bring the kids at least if you intend to. 5 stars for the kids. 3/5 stars for me.