The Super Parental Guardians


If you are in for some pure fun, The Super Parental Guardians is indeed for you. Star Cinema never fails to bring another blockbuster comedy film in the tried and tested Vice Ganda & Coco Martin formula. Despite the movie being a complete non-sense, the film is actually a fun ride from beginning to end. Aside from humor, the movie also has some good action sequences and cinematography. The movie is well-dressed up as well. Never minding its obvious cinematic flaws, the movie is worth for some decent laughs. The addition of the 2 child wonders was a good choice too. They complimented well with Vice and Coco. Giving it 4/5 stars. PS: The Beauty and the Bestie is still the best Vice G. for me.




A one-of-a-kind romance about two spies falling in love in the midst of World War 2. A subtle romantic masterpiece with decent performances from Pitt & Cotillard.
Allied is a war romance that may lack character build-up but ended up on the right pace with a little shock. This period film was justified well from costumes, production design, props & setting. The film geared towards more of the love story than the action. The pacing at start may a little be slow but the sequencing was done with the right suspense and build-up towards that climax. Allied will bring you to a variety of emotions as it tell the unique love story of the characters. Actually, I fell in love with the film. Some may not like it because of its running time and some boring scenes but I see a masterpiece in Allied – an old-fashioned war romance that might not be as spectacular and cheesy as other films, but this surely is a movie with depth and classic touch. 4/5 stars.


Working Beks


Working Beks is indeed one of Viva Films’ sensible films to date. I loved the film. Perhaps, the best reality-based Pinoy film about Gays ever made. Loved the variety of the 5 gays in the movie that became mirrors of what the world is all about in our own eyes. The film is a celebration of love and respect. I admire how the director was able to put into pieces the five different stories into one powerful and inspiring piece. Scenes are simple. Lines and scenarios are pretty much relatable as well. The conflicts shown in the film were also very realistic and an eye-opener thing. From the issue of AIDS, discrimination and being true to ourselves, Working Best was able to hit those spots with maturity and even right amount of comedy. Acting-wise, I am pretty impressed with TJ Trinidad, EA Guzman & Prince Stefan on this one. The addition of John Lapus & Joey Paras added light feels as well. I just find the ending to be a bit off. The director did not how to end the film. The ending should have been better for me. Despite a very hanging ending, I still loved the whole film. Giving it 4/5 stars.


Fantastic Beasts and where to find them


Fantastic Beasts and where to find them is worth every centavos of your admission ticket. This visually-stunning Warner Bro’s and JK Rowling’s magical spin-off doesn’t need a pinch of Harry Potter knowledge and background for you to enjoy the magical world of wizardy. The film is so much enjoyable in all aspects. Great setting. Superb visual effects. Well-executed action sequences. Smooth cinematography and well-organized plot and succession that was utilized well for pure entertainment from beginning to end. It is just so refreshing to revisit the creative minds of JK Rowling in this magical masterpiece that delivered enough spectacle and comedy wrapped in one fun ride. Never a dull moment. I am pretty excited for the rest of the franchise. The movie has created its own unique world of imaginations and magic. Redmayne is an impressive lead. Worth-watching all over again. Perfect 5 stars.


The Girl with all the Gifts


The Girl with all the Gifts attempt to the zombie bandwagon is somehow a hit and miss for me. The film is a lighter approach on gore and thrills and more on a deeper aspect of the epidemic that strucked the world. It started a little bit fast actually. The film veered away from the action and focused on the relationship of the characters. It still has those thrills we expect from a Zombie film but it was somehow lacking spectacle. This zombie apocalyptic film was done with intelligence and depth as it gave an interesting adventure in finding the cure of the disease. It will surely disappoint those thrill-lover audiences but the film has some decent serving of those. Well, much of the story’s turning points and vital parts were explained via the characters’ conversations most of the time. On the otherhand, the actors were good also. If there’s one great thing about this flick, it is the most accurate representation of how should a zombie be. A few modest screams. Giving it 3.5/5 stars.


The Unmarried Wife


The Unmarried Wife never failed to be one of Star Cinema’s finest. However, I find the whole film’s running time to be exhausting as it is bloated. The film might be a cliché from all the infidelity-themed out there but there is something about The Unmarried Wife. I actually loved how the film portrayed Woman empowerment and how the conflict became the turning point inspiration of the film’s intriguing title. The movie was supported well with some flashbacks that actually made sense as a whole. Aside from that, the scenes were not so overdressed and the confrontation scenes were elevated with mature execution. The Director was so subtle in delivering the film’s message. A little bit heavy at some point but the degree of conflicts in the film were actually the factor to convey what the film is all about. At some point, you will think that the film is too much. Aside from a very good execution in terms of story-telling, the film’s strength lies with its talented cast. Angelic P. never failed to impress me with her acting prowess. Dingdong and Paulo were both fit for their role. The 3 actors complimented well in all of their performances. Not as impressive as it should be but the film is a masterpiece on its own. 4/5 stars


Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk


Truly, one of this year’s major disappointment from an Academy-award winning director Ang Lee of Life of Pi. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is a bloated drama film that lacked the very soul of what should be an inspiring and heartwarming war drama about our modern day heroes in the field. I find the movie exhausting despite great cinematography and visuals. The movie focused much on the drama aspect and counted on flashbacks to tell the story behind that it forgot to give justice to the film’s central theme. The movie could have invested on the war zone scenario and happenings to support its backbone of heroism and patriotism. What I saw was a messed up family affair and some weird post-traumatic experiences that was not thoroughly explained well and is somehow not relevant as a whole. It could have been more dramatic if the struggles of the soldiers were shown the least. It is neither compelling nor inspiring. The inclusion of Kristine Stewart and Vin Diesel did not even contributed much. What I loved about this film is the newcomer Joe Alwyn who gave a good performance. At least his charm was bearable enough for me to finish the whole movie. 2.5/5 stars.