Annabelle Creation




Sam and Ester, after 12 years of losing their daughter from an accident, welcomed a nun and six girl orphans at their farmhouse. Terror began when one of the girls found a cursed doll believed to be inhabited by a demonic force. This movie is directed by David Sandberg under New Line Cinema and is part of The Conjuring Universe.

Casts: Stephanie Sigman, Miranda Otto, Talitha Bateman, Anthony LaPaglia, Grace Fulton, Lulu Wilson, Philippa Coulthard, Samara Lee & Samara Lee.

Genre: Horror, Suspense


Annabelle Creation is truly a redeeming installment of its lackluster predecessor. Its great to see a much improved interpretation for this 2nd flick. The story simply evolves on a simple farmhouse where six orphans were accommodated by the Mullins. Plot-wise, the movie will bring you to a clearer origin of Annabelle. What I like about the movie is how it played well on the mood and creepy atmosphere of majority of the scenes. Also, I must commend the solid jump-out scares that really better and scarier this time. The tone of the movie is superb. I love the location of the house and the production design. I also love its consistency as a period film. The film generally pulled some thrilling scenes that will truly leave you breathless. If you are in for some screamfest, Annabelle Creation is for you. What I also like about the movie is the characters especially the young girls. They all played pretty well in their portrayals. Annabelle Creation can easily be part of your Hollywood Horror List.


If you are a fan of Insidious kind of horror, you may find Annabelle Creation sluggish. At some point, I felt there were too many gaps and horror scenes are piece by piece. Slower approach on these scenes are really risky especially if lots of good horror films are produced in Hollywood. The scarers were effective but I still prefer Insidious than Annabelle Creation. Also, the plot is thinly-written and is really visible almost half of the film. How I wish they were creative enough in investing on the phasing rather than play so much with the mood. Still, I enjoyed the film with a handful of screams.


8/10 Popcorns.

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