Heneral Luna


I salute Director Jerrold Tarog for this brave adaptation of Heneral Luna amidst mainstream trend of mistresses, infidelity and slapstick/non sense comedies dominating PH blockbuster roaster lately. This Period Film never disappoints as it gave more or less precise accounts of General Antonio Luna’s heroic acts, patriotism and fire to fight for our beloved country during the colonization of America in the 1890s. I commend the production design, sound engineering & visual effects as it gave justice to various historical moments interpreted and depicted well as if you are browsing your PH history books. Camera angles were great. I loved the cinematography. Pinoy Directors must not stop doing these kind of essential films about our history. John Arcilla delivered one of his finest performance as Gen. Luna. With a pool of able actors and actresses, Heneral Luna is worth every cent of your ticket to a vital part of being a Filipino citizen and Free country at present. Jose Rizal was right, we must learn to go back to our roots and find the true meaning of what we are fighting for. Mabuhay! 5/5 stars.