When a group of friends makes the trek to a sacred mountain on their summer break, sinister forces await. This movie is directed by Peter Abanna under APT Entertainment.

CASTS: Bianca Umali, Miguel TanFelix, Andrea Brillantes, Taki Saito, Kim Last, Glydel Mercado, Lou Veloso, Lui Manansala & Crispin Pineda.

GENRE: Mystery, Thriller


Banal is actually an underrated Pinoy Mystery Movie worthy of recognition. Actually. this is the best Pinoy Mystery Thriller of all time for me. First thing, it is really brave to venture the Blaire-with project & The Ritual Genre considering that it became a hit in Hollywood. I really admired having a locally-produced masterpiece of the same genre. The plot is actually solid. It depicted a sacred mountain in North Luzon plus it is inspired by true events. Well the true events part is the forest fire incident, The film was able to take on with that incident very well. It started off with a College Life thing wherein group of friends planned a hiking adventure on this sacred mountain. I really how everything unfolds slowly from warnings, terrifying and disturbing sequences and a good twist. Aside from a roller-coaster ride towards an exciting climax, the film’s strength is attributed mainly because of its Cinematography. Finally, a well-done Filipino Film shot in the mountains with superb lighting, great choice of forest setting, disturbing sequences and some good acting as well. Choice of characters are good. Bianca Umali was a deserving lead actress. She was impressive and mesmerizing to watch on screen. Migueltan Felix was also a good support. Their chemistry together is also good. Overall, the whole material is solid and brilliantly executed. I am really impressed.


Lowering standards and not comparing it with Hollywood is actually the best thing to do when watching Banal.


10/10 Popcorn

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