Eerie (2019)



The unexpected and gruesome death of a student threatens the existence of an old Catholic school for girls. Pat Consolacion, the school guidance counselor, involves herself with the students in the hopes of helping them cope, and at the same time uncover the mysteries of the student’s death. Most students suspect of the strict and borderline abusive Mother Alice, who also threatened Pat’s tenure in the school because of her continuous meddling with the case. But Pat’s unusual talents lead her to knowing Eri, a former student who’s been watching the whole school for years. Piece by piece, Pat uncovers the secret of the school and the monster that it nurtured for the past century. This movie is directed by Mikhail Red under Star Cinema.

CAST: Bea Alonzo, Charo Santos-Concio, Maxene Magalona, Jake Cuenca, Mary Joy Apostol, Nafa Cruz, Gabby Padilla & Gillian Vicencio.

GENRE: Mystery, Horror


Eerie is another milestone in the Pinoy Horror Genre in terms of quality. Star Cinema didn’t disappoint again, Overall, Eerie is a refreshing flick in the Pinoy Horror Genre. What I like about Eerie is the consistency of its Cinematography. From the color grading down to the camera angles, the whole film is downright creepy, dark & gloomy. The feels complimented well with the 1995 setting and the production & set elements were consistent too. The location is superb. The school really looks scary and the atmosphere is heavy and haunting to say the least. Musical Scoring is really one of the film’s strengths too. As a Horror Film, Eerie was effective in bringing solid jump-out scares & thrilling moments. Some of the dark scenes were utilized well and there were some unique scares introduced in the film. Prosthetics was on-point and there were no obvious CGI or special effects used making the whole film even scarier.  Plot-wise, it was direct and the plot slowly unfolds as the story progresses. Bea Alonzo nailed her role. She was just pure joy to watch. On her first ever role in a Horror Film, she was at her best. Charo Santos was also good in the film. She was also effective as a scary and strict nun. Overall, Eerie is a fun-flick to watch if you are in for some scream-fest. Truly, proud to be Filipino-made.


Eerie may be effective as a creepy Horror Film but how I wished they could have invested more on the Plot Twist and some elements of the story line as a whole.  The twist was a little half-baked for me. I expected it to be darker and more evil. The reason why I wanted it to go further is because the elements and cinematography are really great a& impressive already. For these kind of movies, I expected more evil. Also, I have some problems with some of the character developments. Charo Santos’ role was not developed well especially on the reveal. I really expected her vital role in the film’s premise but for me, her role went into a downhill after her confrontation with Bea in her bedroom. As an investigator, I find Jake’s role to be useless in the film. His screen time was not enough for his role to be justified. Other than that, I find some of the student’s personality to be vague. At some point, I can’t identify if who is Clara or Erika or Joyce. LOL. Also, I see some similarities on some of the scare techniques used since it is patterned with the Hollywood Horror Formula. Nevertheless, Eerie is a must watch for Horror-lovers. Just watch it with your own risk.



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Kasal is a story about Lia who began questioning her decision to marry an eligible bachelor in Cebu and a Mayoral candidate, Philip, after her ex-boyfriend Wado came back into her life. This movie is directed by Ruel Bayani under Star Cinema.

Casts: Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsay, Paulo Avelino, Christopher de Leon, Cherie Gil, Vin Abrenica, Kylie Verzosa, Cai Cortez & Victor Silayan.

Genre: Drama, Romance


“KASAL” started off on a clean slate exploring the idea of two lovely couples deciding to get married. What is interesting about the plot development is the involvement of Politics in the story that somehow made it dynamic in terms of execution. The plot begins to thicken when Wado came into the picture. From thereon, the story begins to unfold along with its intriguing and controversial hints. Don’t worry – I won’t spoil it here. Kasal is definitely a Star Cinema masterpiece given the fact the Cinematography and sound design is impressive. Moreover, majority of the scenes were shot in Cebu City and a little bit 10% of the characters’ dialogues are in the local tongue. This approach made a little impact to me being a proud “Bisaya”. I loved that they have utilized major tourist spots and economic hubs in Cebu for majority of their scenes. Plot-wise, the build towards the turnaround and climax was spot on. I loved how the first half of the scenes didn’t give any hints before the twist was revealed. What I like about KASAL is the issues being tackled not only about Politics but more of about love, acceptance and respect. Dialogues are heartfelt and are very emotionally-engaging. The movie gave us a new perspective of the kind of love we truly deserve. Not spoiling the twist though – the movie became sensitive to some of the sensible issues nowadays. Acting-wise, I must say that it is worth every cent of your cinema ticket. Bea Alonzo is so beautiful and very sexy in the film. She is just a glowing ray of sunshine on screen not mentioning her ever impressive and award-winning performance. Paulo Avelino was also at his best in the film. Given the demand of his role, his acting was so raw and captivating. Derek Ramsay was also a good lead in the movie. With the presence of some veteran actors such as Christopher de Leon and Cherie Gil, Kasal has already exceeded my expectations in the first place. Kasal is good for mature audiences as it gives an eye-opener about love and respect.


Some of the Bisaya words in the dialogues are not appropriate but I am glad that they shot this in Cebu City.


9/10 Popcorn.

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How to be Yours


How To Be Yours is a subtle Romantic Pinoy piece from the magical hands of Dan Villegas that veered away from the loud romcomm formula and settled with a little “pabebe” plot this time. The film is not as expected for those die-hard romantic Pinoy film fans but will surely please majority of its matured viewers with a realism plot that is very relatable nowadays. The plot was presented well and organized enough to establish the conflict and realization between career and love. I loved the central focus of the film as it is relatable to me as well 🙂 Conversations are downgraded this time. A bit cheesy but somehow bearable. Thanks to Bea & Gerald’s acting prowess. Their chemistry is good. It is not as memorable compared with Always be My Maybe & English Only Please but How to be Yours is a Star Cinema masterpiece still worth-watching. 4/5 stars for me for being so spot on.


The Love Affair


Even the caliber of its actors and actresses could not help in saving this film in the bottomless pit of forgettable infidelity-themed Pinoy films. The Love Affair will consume your time in a blank sheet plot of unnecessary flashbacks and shallow conversations. Don’t expect some cheap cat fights and some striking quotes on this one. The Love Affair gears toward the mature approach fit for the film’s central storyline and the social status of the characters. For me, the failure of this film is the in-depth approach on the realization stage of each of the characters on their own mistakes. Oh well. Enjoyed a bit especially on Bea & Dawn’s confrontation scene. It could have been better. 2/5 stars.