Can be boring & unrealistic but Before I Fall gained my interest until the end.





Samantha has everything from perfect friends, perfect guy and even perfect future. Everything change after one fateful night when Sam woke up with no future at all. Trapped and reliving the same day over she began to solve the mystery of life and the people surrounding her. She must figure out everything from the value of people and every single day of her life before she finally runs out time soon. This is directed by Ry Russo-Young under Open Road Films.

Casts: Zoey Deutch, Halston Stage, Kian Lawley, Logan Miller, Cynthy Wu, Elena Kampouris & Medalion Rahimi

Genre: Drama (R13)

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Before I Fall did a great job on not focusing on its main material’s dark and sad theme. The┬ámovie is a perfect mix of teen formula with a twist. This adolescent-themed flick is very familiar so it can appeal to a niche market. Aside from its generally light approach of death, the movie brings out inspiration in many aspects of life. The greatest strength of Before I Fall is the creative approach in dealing with death and living your life to the fullest. The movie has effectively presented wonderful sequences and situations wherein the plot was able to show its valuable lessons about friendship, romantic love, family and even overall outlook in life. The movie has also touched issues like bullying and pre-marital sex. These issues were masked on very realistic situations in the movie. Cheers for Zoey’s natural and very good performance in the film. Her charm just brought something special in all her scenes. My new favorite girl in the block indeed. For me, Before I Fall is worth-watching once.


The whole plot is similar and somehow overused by some already. Others may find it boring because of its very slow and repetitive phase. I could have enjoyed it with a different ending. Character build-up surrounding Sam could have been given emphasis for it to be justified in the plot. It lacks engagement somehow.


7/10 Popcorn

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