Bloody Crayons (Star Cinema)

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A group of graduating students spend their summer vacation in an island. After they have settled, the group decided to play the game, “Bloody Crayons”. Soon after, they started dying one by one and got picked off by a masked killer. They must soon figure out the identity of the killer and fight for their lives to survive. This suspense-thriller movie is directed by Topel Lee under Star Cinema.

Casts: Janella Salvador, Sofia Andres, Elmo Magalona, Empoy Marquez, Diego Loyzaga, Jane Oineza, Maris Racal, Yves Flores & Ronnie Alonte.

Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery


Bloody Crayons is the most successful suspense-thriller movie of Star Cinema so far. What I like about the movie is that it is faithful to its genre and has creatively set-up twist and turns until the real culprit will be revealed. I actually like how the director played with the characters’ different personalities and some hidden issues surrounding them. It was really relatable to the younger generations especially the Millennials. The story was justified well through conversations and was effectively turned upside down many times during the film. At some point, you had a clue on the killer but some scenes will confuse your choice. Somehow, they did well on that. Not spoiling the Ending but it was good. The film is also impressive on the suspense parts. It was done beautifully. The atmosphere they created inside the house added to the tension and suspense specially on the scenes that they die one by one. I must commend the sound engineering and the stunts coordination as well for providing quality scenes. There were a handful of cheap thrills and scares. Production-design was good and cinematography as a whole is on point. Aside from its plot, the film’s strength is attributed to these young and promising actors and actresses of our generation. Almost everyone is really impressive on their roles. Janella and Jane were good front-runners of the movie. Sofia was a good compliment too. Among the girls, I love the character of Maris on the film. For the boys, Elmo and Ronnie were good in their roles but I am impressed with Elmo the most. Yves and Diego were a good compliment too. I like that they added Empoy in the cast for added spice and comedy. The Empoy-Yves comic duo worked well in the film. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and I highly-recommend it to fans of these characters or to some who want some popcorn-fun kind of suspense-thriller portrayed by charming and talented Kapamilya celebrities.


If you treat Bloody Crayons as a horror film, you will really get disappointed. Some cringe-worthy parts are a handful of cheesy conversations that I found unnecessary to the plot. Also, the movie still has the old formula of melodramatic moments that was somehow off in a suspense-thriller movie. Well, I can’t fully blame the Writers and Director since its a Pinoy film after all. I just hope they had it in small parts the least. Aside from that, I am still disappointed on some scenes shot in the forest, the background lights were so obvious that at some point, the movie could have been effective as a thriller movie given the darker atmosphere especially in the woods. Also, some of the scenes inside the house could have been very effective if they played with less lights. Anyways, I still enjoyed the movie.


8/10 Popcorns

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