Patriot’s Day got me in tears & thrills…


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Patriot’s Day is a real-life account of the Boston Marathon Bombing last April 15, 2013 which stars Mark Wahlberg under the direction of Peter Berg.

Casts: Mark Wahlberg, J.K. Simmons, John Goodman, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin Bacon, Jimmy Yang, Vincent Curatola & Alex Wolff

Genre: Violence, Drama, Crime Investigation (R)

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What I like?

One of the best and most-organized investigative movie based on a tragedy – Patriot’s Day has perfectly interpreted that horrible day in the Boston Marathon way back 2013 and has able to successfully supported the tragedy with precise and gripping formula about the investigation and the very impressive storytelling technique that has incorporated real-time video footages very well. The mixture of real videos and news article were used just right and were helpful as the story progresses. The real accounts of the survivors and a little of their backstory made the film connect with its audience. Aside from that, the investigation process was done with superb direction as the film has able to bring the audience from the tragedy upto a very detailed aftermath that will send you thrills and excitement throughout. The good thing about the movie is that it did not dwell much on the dramatic side as it blended well in between  the investigation process. It may not be as dramatic as it should be but the film still got me in tears with some solid scenes executed-well. The explosion scene was done with accuracy too. The horror after the explosion and the blood around was really heartbreaking to see. The hospital scene was also horrifying as the film depicted well the injured victims. What I also love about the film is it was able to give justice and respect to all the heroes, injured and even the deceased victims of the Boston Marathon bombing with its direct-to-the-point cinematography and sequences. Moreover, the film showed how strong Boston were during those times. The climax got me. It was thrilling and at the same time very affecting. Action sequences were in the right amount as well. Mark Wahlberg gave his best. He was great. Aside from him, the actors and actresses gave great performances too. Despite its tragedy theme, the movie came our to be so inspiring as it was able to convey the strong spirit of all us humans in times of challenges. Truly, a film-worth watching.

What I don’t like?

Are you kidding me? This is movie was superb! Anyways, some scenes are quite disturbing so be ready to see a lot of blood and flesh especially during the explosion.


10/10 Popcorns