Batman V Superman


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice could either please or disappoint a large variety of audience. The Marketing of the film is truly effective as this drew more than enough hype for it to become one of the most anticipating superheroes clash this 2016. It may disappoint action junkie types as half of the film was made to establish the plot and the premise of the whole clash spin-off. It does not bear as much as action sequences to make the film as memorable and as spectacular as other films on the same genre. Somehow, it will make you crave for more. As the storyline is as less interesting than these iconic superheroes, it is actually enjoyable as a whole (not minding the real juice). Storyline could have been presented better and the source of conflict could have been deep enough. With some forgivable CGIsh scenes and a good production design, BVS can really gather split audience reactions. Spoiler-free review but I am Team Superman forever. 3.5/5 stars.