Can we still be friends? (Star Cinema, 2017)




Can we still be Friends is a story of Digs & Sam who has been together for 8 years. Due to indifference, they decided to end their relationship but still constantly checking on each other. Aside from finding the right blend to start friendship, they will also face the challenges of dating others separately. This movie is directed by Prime Cruz under Star Cinema.

Casts: Gerald Anderson, Arci Munoz, Bryan Santos, Ria Atayde, Erika Padilla, Bryan Sy & Juan Miguel Severo

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama

Past Movies of Gerald Anderson: How to be Yours

Past Movies of Arci Munoz: Camp Sawi


The tried and tested Gerald-Arci chemistry is truly evident in their latest movie, “Can We Still Be Friends?” from Star Cinema. The good thing about the film is that it showcases the natural side of both Gerald and Arci. They truly gave raw performances which is actually fit for the demand of the plot and the demand of their characters as well. Acting-wise, I am impressed with Arci on this one. Their chemistry is really good and their performances really compliments each other. For the story-line, I like that the Director invested on a very light approach in dealing with heartbreak and exes. Also, much of the scenes were very relatable too despite its confined and limited setting. The plot started off just right showing the cause of the break-up. After the breakup, the movie will bring you to an awkward set-up that is a prelude to the conflict itself. At some point, it became effective in adding to the film’s premise though the technique used was really risky. I also like the supporting characters in the movie. I personally love Juan Miguel Severo here. The injection of comedy and very casual conversations made connections with its audience as well. The comeback of Gerald & Arci is truly one of the reasons to watch this film.


The first part of the movie was very engaging. The middle part was a bit lost. The consistency of the plot was tested when the risky part of the story was presented. At some point, the movie was out of bounds. Considering that the movie is very subtle in terms of cinematic approach, I expected thrill, excitement and intensity on most scenes especially on the conflict and realizations of the characters. The ending was uninteresting. I believe all Pinoy RomComs are predictable but it can also be exciting as well. Can we still be friends lacks that exact formula. I already lost grip of my interest starting in the middle part of the movie. I also find the resolution to be half-baked as they invested solely on establishing the story-line and establishing the conflict. For me, the movie lacks supporting scenes that strongly affect audience on the title itself – Can We Still Be Friends?. The second half of the film failed to sustain the energy the characters is giving. They were drowned by a very shallow plot that could have been better. It is one of the lousiest Start Cinema Movies of the year.


6/10 Popcorns.

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