Child’s Play (2019)




Child’s Play is a story about mother who gave her son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature. This 1980’s remake is directed by Lars Klevberg under Orion Pictures.

CAST: Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, Mark Hamill, Tim Matheson & David Lewis.

GENRE: Horror


Child’s Play Modern Remake is truly a worthy masterpiece for a Horror Classic I loved since childhood. Wit a handful of disappointing installments, the 2019 Child’s Play was able to introduce a whole new playing field without sacrificing the comedy, thrills and gore we enjoyed on a Child’s Play film. First of all, it was a bold move to re-introduce Chucky in a modern world wherein there are no supernatural powers who will let him kill people. I really loved the idea of a talking doll wired into Internet or Cloud for instructions. It was truly timely in a era where everything is accessible online. The movie started with a premise that Chucky was a whole new different device. It was more intelligent & very vulnerable. At least, we are spared with supernatural background that made it a little bit goofy at times on its previous installments. What I like about Child’s Play is its signature kills and death scenes. For the 2019 version, it really did not disappoint in delivering enough gore & violence to showcase how deadly Chucky can be. Also, the recent Child’s Play still have those comedy blended well with horror and thrills that made the whole movie experience entertaining and frightening as well. They may have unknown Actors and Actresses but I believe they have done a great job here. I admire the lead child who played Andy. Gabriel Bateman was perfect for the role. With a great serving of humor, gore, inventive kills and thrills, Child’s Play is truly a worthy modern adaptation of this Classic Killer Doll.


As a die-hard Chucky Fan, I am really pleased & satisfied.



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