Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising


Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is actually an unnecessary sequel but this is surely one hell of college comedy flick masterpiece. For me, it is even better than its predecessor with the addition of Chloe Grace and the still Hotties – Zac & Dave. With a consistent & good acting performaces from Seth and Rose, The 2nd is actually entertaining and heartwarming than the 1st one. It may have recycled some of the formula of the 1st one, but they have added enough creative approach to make this as new as it is shown on theaters. It feels like a stand alone Neighbor-thing with a taste of Feminism. I love you Chloe Grace. But I love Dave Franco even more 🙂 4/5 star


The 5th Wave


The 5th Wave turned out to be a decent post-apocalyptic film that is actually a little bit better than The Maze Runner series. Falling in love more with Chloe Grace Moretz as she delivered her best in this sci-fi movie that is best watched on average expectations. It may bot be as gigantic as other films of the same genre but The 5th Wave brought down some good visual effects and great cast. Loved the addition of some hottie actors such as Nick Robinson (Jurassic World) & Alex Roe which were both a good compliment with Chloe on the film. The establishing of the plot was a little bit lacking tho. The film may have been a lot better with improved visual effects, solid storytelling techniques and more intense action sequences. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable film. 4/5 stars.