After learning that a group of doctors were killed by super natural forces, Fathers Salvador and Benedicto will have their faith tested when they are tasked to perform an exorcism on a possessed woman named Clarita. Meanwhile, a photojournalist investigates the truth about Clarita’s possession and helps the two priests perform the exorcism. In their journey to help Clarita, they will encounter demonic obstacles that will prevent them from performing the exorcism. This movie is directed by Derick Cabrido under Black Sheep Films.

CAST: Jodi Sta. Maria, Ricky Davao, Arron Villaflor, Alyssa Muhlach, Yayo Aguila & Nonie Buencamino

GENRE: Horror, Mystery


Inspired by true events, Clarita invested on the fact that somehow it happened in the past and it can happen even up to now. Clarita benefits mostly on the impressive acting performance of Jodi Sta. Maria alongside with brilliantly-executed prosthetic & sound effects. This is very similar with Aubrey Miles’ Sanib in which the exorcism scene is really haunting & memorable. It has some pretty good jump out scares and some spine-chilling moments that is quite unique too. I really commend some transitions in the film. The director creatively played well in blending the present situation as it slowly transitions to the past. Clarita is one of those Pinoy Horror films you should be proud of.


Clarita’s storytelling is a bit messy & cluttered. How I wish the narrative content was given emphasis since we all wanted to know the real story of Clarita and her dark past. It did deliver some chilling moments but I think the whole movie is stretched. I expected so much considering that the story of Clarita is really a good material to begin with. For me, they haven’t utilized much the story line especially the back story. What is also lacking in the movie is the classic horror feels and the terrifying moments you should be feeling during the exorcism scenes. Though, I still must give it to Aubrey Mile’s SANIB on this one. But, Clarita is still a good flick after all.



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