Ang Panday (2017)

Ang Panday


Lizardo, the immortal evil nemesis of Panday comes back from the world of darkness to once again bring havoc to the human race. With Flavio III not knowing that his bloodline is the only one capable of destroying Lizardo, he will have to scour different worlds to be able to gain the trust of the mythical power of the legendary sword. Ang Panday is directed by Coco Martin himself and Rodel Nacianceno under CCM Productions, Star CInema and Viva Films.

Casts: Coco Martin, Awra Briguela, Julio Diaz, Jake Cuenca, Gloria Romero,  McCoy de Leon, Elisse Joson, Ejay Falcon, Eddie Garcia, Michael de Mesa, Jaime Fabregas, Agot Isidro, Onyok Pineda

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure


The 2017 Version of Ang Panday is a good attempt to create a modern and contemporary spin-off to this iconic Pinoy Superhero figure that is somehow apt to the taste of Filipino moviegoers nowadays. Aside from the tried and tested Coco Martin Blockbuster Magic, Ang Panday’s success is mostly attributed to its very dynamic storytelling technique and interpretation of the whole Panday Franchise. The Director successfully staged the 3rd Generation of Flavio set in the present times. With this approach, much of the scenes were shot in the City specifically in Tondo, Manila. The movie gave a realistic feel since it has several scenes shot around Metro Manila. For me, its a good move since they are trying to set Flavio in the modern times. What I like about Ang Panday is its Cinematography and Visual Editing too. They have very impressive action sequences especially those man-to-man fights of Flavio. They also have a good production design especially during the “Magical World” exploration. I really commend the camera angles too during Flavio’s Training and the Climax Fight of him and Lizardo. Overall, it was a breakthrough film in terms of the Fantasy formula. I can see the tremendous amount of effort to delivery a quality film. The movie also has several talented cast. Coco Martin is worth it to become the next modern Panday. His charisma is more than enough actually. Coco was able to portray well a modern Flavio that has the right mixture of cheerfulness and angst as well. The spotlight for Ang Panday is also given to Jake Cuenca in his portrayal as Lizardo. He is by far the best villain in the franchise offering a more stylish yet annoying aura of an evil and wicked Pinoy villain. My most favorite scenes in the movie are the Training of Flavio (though it is really short) and the Climax Fight scenes of Lizardo and Flavion in the desert. If you are in for some thrilling adventure flick, Ang Panday must be in your bucket list this MMFF 2017.


At some point, I missed the “CLASSIC FEELS” of Ang Panday so I have a little setback with the recent adaptation from Star Cinema and Viva Films. But then again, I try to understand that with the advent of a modern and contemporary twist, some of the elements will really be sacrificed. Ang Panday mostly fails on the narration part. I felt that this vital part of the Franchise is not executed-well. Moreover, the film is also too crowded with lots of unnecessary characters. I find it sometimes chaotic. I am quite disappointed¬† with the leading lady – Mariel del Leon. She was giving a lackluster performance that is somehow dragging some vital scenes with the main characters, Despite a good cinematography, I find the Audio and dubbing a little bit off at majority of the film’s running time. Visual-wise, I still hope for improvements if there will be a follow-up movie. I mean, it has good visuals already but there are so many rooms for improvements here. Overall, Ang Panday is still a good choice for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.


8.5/10 Popcorns

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The Super Parental Guardians


If you are in for some pure fun, The Super Parental Guardians is indeed for you. Star Cinema never fails to bring another blockbuster comedy film in the tried and tested Vice Ganda & Coco Martin formula. Despite the movie being a complete non-sense, the film is actually a fun ride from beginning to end. Aside from humor, the movie also has some good action sequences and cinematography. The movie is well-dressed up as well. Never minding its obvious cinematic flaws, the movie is worth for some decent laughs. The addition of the 2 child wonders was a good choice too. They complimented well with Vice and Coco. Giving it 4/5 stars. PS: The Beauty and the Bestie is still the best Vice G. for me.


Beauty and the Bestie


The best Vice Ganda and Wenn Deramas Comedy Film to date and probably the one with most sense as a whole. Beauty and the Bestie will truly be this year’s highest MMFF 2015 Film with a great comic ensemble from Vice Gand, Lassy & MC; a very charming Coco, a promising child star duo and JaDine to complete the blockbuster package. It may still have non-sense parts but I love the plot as it combined action, comedy, romance into one compelling Pinoy masterpiece that will make you laugh from beginning to end. Finally, the film invested on Production design, good action sequences and stunts and some great Cinematography. JaDine was truly a great compliment and a breath of fresh air. Coco on the otherhand was the best choice for the role. Watch out for some memorable scenes from Coco on this one both for action and comedy. Truly a comedy film with a heart. Thanks Wenn and Star Cinema. 5/5 stars.