Xander Cage returns with a big bang!




Xander Cage is back on its 3rd explosive installment. This time, Xander Cage is on his exile and hunt for Xiang, a deadly alpha warrior, to recover am unstoppable weapon called Pandora’s Box. With its brand of high octane and death-defying stunts, xXX: Return of Xander Cage will bring you to a thrilling and deadly ride only this franchise could deliver.

Casts: Vin Diesel,  Donnie Yen,  Deepika Padukone, Ruby Rose Skotchdopole, Tony Jaa, Nina Dobrev, Toni Collette & Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by: D.J. Caruso.

Genre: Action & Adventure (PG13) Paramount Pictures

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The film is as bad-ass as the characters. xXx: Return of Xander Cage is an action-packed film worthy of a 3rd installment. I was really impressed with the movie. I commend the jaw-dropping, edge-of-the-seat and superbly done stunts and action sequences that will literally blow your mind from beginning to end. Its like a never-ending action movie that never fails to entertain you and won’t leave you bored even for just a single minute. The adrenaline-rush of the film is manifested well as it lived by the brand of action and thrills only the xXx Franchise could bring. Loved the twist and turns of the story line as well. If you are in for some pure action genre, this movie is definitely for you. Aside from its impressive action formula, the movie is shot well on some great locations. Well, we have the Philippines here too (but I doubt if it was really shot here). Also, the film’s strength is attributed to its dynamic and very talented casts. Its rare that I love all the characters in this film. Everyone was pretty dope too. Great to see a majority of Asian actors and actresses here on this franchise. Well, Vin Diesel is Vin Diesel. Its worth-watching and highly recommended as well.


Well, it could have been slower but hey, its xXx!


10/10 Popcorns