Beauty and the Beast is faithful to its classic origins. One of Disney’s finest masterpiece so far.

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Beauty and the Beast is a classic Disney masterpiece that relieved the journey of Belle, a beautiful woman who is taken as prisoner by a beast in his castle. This fairy tale will evolve within the enchanting and magical world inside the castle. The journey will take Belle into looking beyond the Beast’s kind heart and true Prince within. This classic fantasy reboot is directed by Bill Condon under Walt Disney Pictures.

Casts: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, Ian McKellen & Emma Thompson.

Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Drama, Romance


It just so great and nostalgic to finally relieve the classic fictional love story the world has ever known. Beauty and the Best captured our hearts before. This time, it has captured more with its live adaptation. The great first thing about the movie is that its faithfulness to the original story line and the characters in it. I must commend the Director for putting up the best and superb interpretation of the whole story that I was just in awe from beginning to end. I loved every angle and frame of the movie. Aside from its very consistent plot than that of the animated/cartoon material, the movie was able to bring the whole set into a impressive Production design. The details of each place is just awesome to watch. From the village scene, to the castle scene and even the forest scenes – all scenes are really a perfect fit for the whole movie. Aside from the setting, I was also impressed with the details of the dress and outfits of the characters. Be it commoner or even the high officials, the movie has brought to life colorful and amazing classic costumes. Aside from its faithful plot, the movie has managed to execute properly all the musical scenes the classic film is well-known of. I loved every musical scene as all of them are crafted and choreographed well. My personal favorite scenes were the BE OUR GUEST SCENE and the Dance of Bella and the Beast. The movie has also given justice to the magical objects that made Beauty and the Beast enjoyable to watch too. I am just very impressed as well with the Visual Editing and Cinematography. The Editing was on-point and majority of scenes were a visual spectacle. The movie’s success is also credited to its very talented actors. No doubt, Emma Watsons nailed the role of Belle. She was just innocent, beautiful and very emotionally-engaging to watch. She was made perfect for the role. The Beast, Dan Stevens, has also a done a great job. I loved how the film has successfully made him a real-life Beast with all the detailed actuation. Luke Evans, on the other hand, was impressive too. I loved his portrayal of narcissistic and arrogant person in the name of Gaston. All of the other characters were also good as all of them complimented well with the story’s demand. I must say, one of Disney’s finest masterpiece so far. I cried some scenes as it brought butterflies in my stomach. The whole masterpiece is just too lovable.


I have to leave it blank though.


10/10 Popcorns

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