Love me Tomorrow


Despite a stellar cast, Love Me Tomorrow is a hit & miss Star Cinema film that brings a little entertainment that is enjoyable with one round of your popcorn. Somehow, this experimental film has failed to delivery a solid storyline and impact usually felt when watching a Star Cinema Masterpiece. Dawn and Piolo may have given their best but they were pulled down by a lousy conflict and superficial plot & characterization that could have been better in so many ways. Well, I enjoyed some parts like that of Carmi Martin’s. Also I would like to commend an improved acting of Coleen for this one. Too bad if you are expecting high for this film. 2/5 stars.


The Love Affair


Even the caliber of its actors and actresses could not help in saving this film in the bottomless pit of forgettable infidelity-themed Pinoy films. The Love Affair will consume your time in a blank sheet plot of unnecessary flashbacks and shallow conversations. Don’t expect some cheap cat fights and some striking quotes on this one. The Love Affair gears toward the mature approach fit for the film’s central storyline and the social status of the characters. For me, the failure of this film is the in-depth approach on the realization stage of each of the characters on their own mistakes. Oh well. Enjoyed a bit especially on Bea & Dawn’s confrontation scene. It could have been better. 2/5 stars.