2017 · Pinoy Indie

Deadma Walking

deadma walking


The film is all about gay best friends for life John and Mark whose friendship is put to the test when one of them has a terminal illness and asks the other to help him stage his fake death, wake, and funeral as his dying wish. Deadma Walking is directed by Julius Alfonso under OctoArts Film and T-Rex Entertainment.

Casts: Joross Gamboa, Edgar Allan Guzman, Gerald Anderson, Eugene Domingo, Candy Pangilinan, Dimples Romana, Vin Abrenica,                                                      

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama   


Deadma Walking can easily be compared with Die Beautiful but after watching it, I must say that Deadma Walking is much lighter and much more entertaining to watch. I am really amazed on how a very shallow plot of faking your own death and mounting a fake funeral can be so emotionally-engaging and even inspiring to say the least. I really like how the Director played with the script and invested on several comedic timings from its talented actors and actresses and a plot that is easy to digest. Aside from a very dynamic approach on the story-telling, the movie is a power-house of cameo roles from several prominent celebrities in the industry. What I also admire is their creativity in presenting the idea of death in a manner that is quite heartwarming and thought-provoking. There was never any dull moment from beginning to end. What I also love is the inclusion of musical numbers through their own concept of Crying Divas. Deadma Walking’s strength is mostly attributed to its talented cast namely Joross Gamboa and Edgar Allan Guzman. I must say, the two of them was great and delivered award-winning performances. Their performances alone are worth the price of your admission ticket. Joross is given to be a good actor to begin with. What surprised me a lot is EA Guzman’s impressive acting performance that really deserving on an award. EA was the perfect gay best friend for the role. He was funny and charming. After watching the film, I had high respects to them as an actor. Deadma Walking should be part of your MMFF 2017 Bucket list.


For me, there is nothing not to like about Deadma Walking.


10/10 Popcorns.

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