Bakit lahat ng Gwapo may Boyfriend?!


Cheers to Viva Films’ best film to date and I must say the GAYEST Pinoy film ever. Bakit lahat ng Gwapo may Bakla actually exceeded my low expectations with the lackluster and lousy movie projects of Viva lately. I ended up pretty satisfied after the movie that literally gave me some solid laughs. Loved the way the whole material was utilized well. From production design to the Cinematography, the film will never disappoint. The film’s strength lies in Anne, Paolo, Yam and Dennis. All of the 4 actors complimented well with each other and has given justice in their respective roles. I must give it to Paolo for this one. He is the biggest revelation of the film. Anne and Dennis pulled out some chemistry as well. Generally a bit too mainstream but the film was able to caught its audience with relatable conversations and real scenarios that are very familiar to Gays and the like. Anne was fit for the role. Dennis on the otherhand is scorching hot. The first half of the film is truly-entertaining. The other half is a bit slow as it focused more on the realizations of the characters. Nevertheless, the film’s flawa were forgivable, The film is highly-recommended sa mga bakla out there, discreet or loud. 4/5 stars.