Deepwater Horizon


Deepwater Horizon is a chilling and disturbing real-life account of the worst Oil spill in American history last April of 2010 and spilled millions of gallons into the Gulf of Mexico. The movie was successful to depict a scary scenario of the accident that claimed 11 souls and had a destructive effect in our environment. The sequences are precise and the visuals are astonishing and impressive. The film is intense. The scenes during the accident are breath-taking. Mark Wahlberg is at his best on this one. Other characters were great too. I wish they have seen more of the investigation part. Good for single-watching but it is truly worth your admission ticket. 4/5 stars

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The Flu (2013)


The FLU is a 2013 Korean disaster film that made successful runs in the Hollywood box office despite a very modest ratings of movie reviews compared with Train to Busan.¬†The FLU is a terrifying disaster film about a flu brought about by birds and transmitted to humans. Infection will get through you respiratory system and will kill you in the next 3 days. The premise itself is disturbing as it can happen in real life. What I loved about this movie is that it is fast-paced. The plot was organized well from the beginning, transmission of the virus and the outbreak itself. It is the “Contagion” and “Outbreak” Feels of Asia. It makes me prouder as well as the production value can somehow be at par with that Hollywood. Minor improvements on CGI effects are forgivable. The chaotic scenes were well executed as well. Loved the backroom scenes of the Government and Internal relations team that made it a little bit of nationalistic and realistic as well. The mixture of drama and romance are downplayed and blended well with the suspense and thrills of the film. Watch out for a lead supporting role from a Filipino citizen in the film. (yes, he is speaking Filipino here). Overall, I was impressed with the film. Just don’t compare it with Train to Busan as this is another cup of tea. 5/5 stars.


Independence Day: Resurgence


Mixed reviews with Independence Day: Resurgence. Yes, this is still the biggest Alien Invasion-themed movie of all-time. With a very huge production team equals very large expectations as well from the fans of the first one. After watching, yes you will be pleased with its much-improved visual effects and edge-of-the-seats actions and thrills you deserve from an alien thing invading the world. But I am hungry for more heart-pounding scenes. I just find everything to be lacking with enough drama and spectacle that made glued us like the first film. Somehow, it became repetitive this time. Formula used was still the same and it feels like nothing new. But it is still worth-watching. I can still give it 4/5 stars


The 5th Wave


The 5th Wave turned out to be a decent post-apocalyptic film that is actually a little bit better than The Maze Runner series. Falling in love more with Chloe Grace Moretz as she delivered her best in this sci-fi movie that is best watched on average expectations. It may bot be as gigantic as other films of the same genre but The 5th Wave brought down some good visual effects and great cast. Loved the addition of some hottie actors such as Nick Robinson (Jurassic World) & Alex Roe which were both a good compliment with Chloe on the film. The establishing of the plot was a little bit lacking tho. The film may have been a lot better with improved visual effects, solid storytelling techniques and more intense action sequences. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable film. 4/5 stars.


10 Cloverfield Lane


Shocking. Intense. Compelling.10 Cloverfield Lane is a mild thriller film that brings fear of the unknown on a different level and a confined setting. With little elements of the film being played all throughout, the film managed to pull of some good cinematography and creative storytelling technique. The film’s sound engineering was also top notch. I was actually impressed with this one. Had a few solid scares and edge-of-the-seat moments. The cast is just brilliant. What I love about this film is the fact that even though its a post-apocalyptic one, the film was able to maximize a single setting & characters as if you are watching a full-length one. The Climax might confuse other audience but there is a reason why it has Cloverfield in its title. Highly-recommended to watch. 5/5 stars.



San Andreas


San Andreas is your typical disaster movie that is somehow predictable at times, but striking as a whole. This earth-shattering film may join the bandwagon of disaster flicks with family drama stuff but all of these is the cream of the crop for this kind of genre. What differs this from 2012 is that the drama and connection with the characters are indeed felt. Aside from its superb visual effects, the film draws is strength from its sequences that could make you at the edge of your seat from start to end. It was pretty scary and awesome at the same time. 5/5 stars.