A Dog’s Purpose is an inspiring piece minus the narration.




“A Dog’s Purpose” is a touching story of a dog who finds meaning into his existence as he reincarnates from one soul to another with different human owners and purpose each life. This is movie is directed by Lasse Hallstrom under Amblin Entertainment.

Cast: Britt Roberson, KJ Apa, John Ortiz, Deniis Quaid, Josh Gad, Peggy Lipton, Like Kirby, Juliet Rylance, Pooch Hall, Gabrielle Rose & Michael Bofshever.

Genre: Drama, Comedy

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For all dog lovers out there, they will surely like A Dog’s Purpose. The movie is inspiring and emotionally-engaging as it creatively interpreted various lives and situations of a dog after is reincarnation from different owners and situations in life. The movie strength lies from the beginning and ending part. The movie was able to establish its plot. Somehow, the dog’s narration piece was the vital part of the film. A Dog’s Purpose also touches your emotion not just only during their deaths but to the impact the dog is bringing to its owner every life. The collective narration and order was helpful to support the central theme of the movie in finding the real purpose of dogs in our lives. Its one of the most feel-good movie of the year. Its more subtle than Max but is least appealing compared with Hatchiko. It has its unique moments and features with the two though. What impresses me the most is the training the dogs have undergone for the movie. They have superbly staged a realistic dog-sequences especially during very vital scenes. The best dog movie on that aspect. Truly, one of the most inspiring films of the year.


The narration part is kinda off for me. I believe that it could have been inspiring more and even dramatic too. Dog feelings could have been interpreted alone on ordinary scenes in the movie. Also, I find the sub story to be emotionally-disengaging too. I think the investment were given on the first and last part of the film. Still, worth-watching once.


6.5/10 Popcorns.

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