Collateral Beauty


Collateral Beauty will somehow be a hit and miss to a lot of audience simply because it is either relatable to some or too vague to comprehend because of its metaphors and hidden meanings all throughout the film. The film has done a great job in dealing with loss and the process the main chacter underwent to somehow start the healing process. It primarily evolved to Will Smith’s meeting in person LOVE, TIME & DEATH. As the story is presented, you begin to see the tone of the plot and might say its pretty predictable. Well, the film for me has moved me a little and I find it generally inspiring especially when you have lost someone dear to your heart. It may not be as tear-jekker as it should be but the movie will at some point capture your heart with its heartwarming massage about love, time and death. It tries to create a web plots of all the characters and ventured a more mature and creative approach in coping up with depression and dealing with life’s challenges. I just wish it could have been emotionally-attaching in terms of conversation and a little and solid flashback from Will’s happy life could have added a little pinch in the plot. Neverthless, Will Smith’s performance was so impressive. The other characters were good as well. Just don’t expect too much and I must say that you may or may not watch it on cinemas. 3.5/5 stars.