Baby Driver




A talented and young getaway driver was being coerced to work for a boss with several crimes on his belt. Aside from beating the music of his life, he must now face the consequences of a doomed heist that threaten his life, love & freedom. Baby Driver is directed by Edgar Wright under Sony Pictures.

Casts: Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Eiza Gonzales, Jon Hamm & Jamie Foxx.

Genre: Action, Thriller


BABY DRIVER is perhaps of one the best action movies in Hollywood that doesn’t need to have a high-octane formula for it to be so entertaining and engrossing to watch. It is by far a unique film that creatively incorporated music and well-crafted car chases and action sequences into a low-key action film package that will truly glue your interest from beginning to end. The story is simple yet the approach and interpretation is stylish and brilliant. Baby is a getaway driver for crimes. He is fueled by music during their heists. The story will evolve on the implications of Baby and his evil boss. Moreover, it will also tell us a very touching story of Baby and his love for music. From then, the story just smoothly flow and is presented well with conflicts and romance along the way. I actually loved the whole tone of the movie. I find the music thing so cool and it effectively brought a little spice and definitely set the distinction of the film among all others. Glad that the director played well on a very clever idea. Action-wise, Baby Driver will never disappoint you. It may come into smaller pieces but it was solid and well-done. Aside from killer soundtracks, the movie also has a good romantic formula. I liked the way the movie has not overshadowed the romance thing and made it vital to the conflicts of the movie and the characters. The action sequences are indeed thrilling. Plus, I love the climax part. The ending is realistic too. What I love the most are the bad-ass characters in the movie. Ansel was a perfect fit for the role. He is just so charming and mysterious. Lily was a good partner with Ansel. They have good chemistry together. For the villains side, Kevin and Jamie were good. I also love the supporting characters. They have been a good compliment for the movie. BABY DRIVER is truly worth-watching.


Well, I can’t point any negative thing about Baby Driver aside from the fact that I didn’t see a naked Ansel on this one. YAASS!


10/10 Popcorns


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