Mr. & Mrs. Cruz




Mr. & Mrs. Cruz is a heart warming film about two individuals learning to love after a heartbreak. They both share memories and wonderful experiences in the wonderful island of Palawan. This movie is written and directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo under Idea First Company & Viva Films.

Cast: Ryza Cenon, JC Santos, Yayo Aguila, Dennis Padilla, Dido Dela Paz, Lui Manansala, Bong Cabrera, Sophie Rankin

Genre: Romance, Drama


Sigrid Bernardo never disappoints with Viva’s latest offering – Mr. & Mrs. Cruz. I am really quite impressed with the turnout of the movie. JC and Ryza are such charming together on-screen. Mr. & Mrs. Cruz offers a realistic and relatable premise about heartbreaks and moving on. It invested on tourism with Palawan as the major backdrop. More than just the wonderful and amazing shots in the island, I was actually more compelled with the story and its soul. Palawan is given. The movie showcased the place with justice. Cinematography is spot on and color grading was the best for me. Drone shots are utilized well and did not overpower the continuity of the shots. The movie’s theme song and sound engineering was great too. I loved how the hugot music was utilized on some major scenes. Plot-wise, the movie won’t play around subplots. It is direct and sincere. Most of the scenes were like a mirror to all of us. The drunk scene at the bar was my favorite. It was raw for me. The pain is lingering within the movie. As the characters find the answers to their questions, Sigrid effectively created an atmosphere wherein all emotions are smoothly flowing within the characters and their choices of words. The tight shots and slowmos were creatively used and applied. The narration and metaphors were spot on. More than an impressive cinematic approach, there is too much happening in the movie that will truly glue your interest from beginning to end. I was smiling even after the film. Overall, the film geared towards a realistic ending. An ending that will make you crave more. JC and Ryza both gave award-winning performances. Finally, I am glad to see JC landing on a lead role. He was amazing in the film. His comedic timing and his charm really blended well with Ryza. He’s just too hot to handle at some point. Ryza was just amazing as usual. I am also happy that she landed on a lead role in a film like this. I was really impressed with her acting and her bubbly attitude in Mr. and Mrs. Cruz.
What more I can say. The movie made me smile and it landed in one of my most fave Romantic films to date. Congrats Viva Films and Direk Sigrid!


No hate. Just love.


10/10 Popcorn.

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