Why La La Land is worth every cent?

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La La Land evolves on the story of an aspiring actress named Mia and a jazz musician named Sebastian who are both struggling with their lives and career in Los Angeles. This musical masterpiece will bring you to a whirlwind of romance, joy and even pain towards reaching your dreams and falling in love. This Liongate Film flick is written and directed by Damien Chazelle.

Casts: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend, J.K. Simmons, Rosemarie DeWitt & Finn Wittrock

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Musical (PG13)


I like and love everything about the film. For me, the best Musical Film ever produced in Hollywood that is worth every cent of  your admission ticket and deserving of all its awards and recognitions. Finally, the Musical Genre has brought to life in this one of a kind masterpiece that will bring you to a solid rollercoaster of emotions. Literally, the movie will inspire you, make you laugh, will let you fall in love and will even tear your hearts. The Director has brilliantly crafted a very engaging and engrossing storyline and its creatively staged musical numbers within the film. Moreover, the Los Angeles scene was just so perfect for the film. The Production Design is superb and I just love how everything fits into perfection in one frame. At some point, the movie will bring you to another world. Apart from that, the movie has successfully justified its message regarding your dreams in life and the stakes you are willing to take to achieve it. Musical scoring and arrangement was also great. Conversations are engaging and the whole tone was just right to maintain your interest for the next 2 hours. I find the plot to be generally friendly but was done with depth and artistry. What is fascinating about La La Land is a superb fusion of modern day Hollywood vibe with some old school feels. At some parts, you seem to be stucked in the old times then suddenly be reminded that it is happening at present times. That alone is pure magic. Its like a work of art indeed. The greatest thing also about the film is the undeniably amazing and magical chemistry of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that shined throughout. They are just so perfect and amusing to watch. They got all their shining moments right and have given their best performances right. Aside from acting and singing, they were good in their dance numbers as well. The ending got me in tears. That was one of the most powerful and striking ending I have ever seen. It had me linger for a while.


I am sorry but I can’t seem to point what I don’t like aside from the fact that I didn’t see a topless Ryan Gosling on this one.


10/10 Popcorns.