Meet me in St. Gallen



Meet me in St. Gallen is a story of Celeste and Jesse who have found each other during the trying times of their lives. They spent a memorable night together and became separated for how many years. Their second chance of meeting again became special until they met each other at St. Gallen years after. This movie is directed by Emma Villamor under Spring Films and Viva Films.

Casts: Bella Padilla, Carlo Aquino

Genre: Romance, Drama


Meet me in St. Gallen is a good addition to the quality conversational Pinoy films ever made since “That Thing Called Tadhana’. I really loved that Filipino Film-makers are now taking risks with this kind of genre which usually brings out a well-produced and creative cinematic masterpieces to date. Overall, I fell in love with the movie. What I like about the movie is that its simplicity in terms of story-telling technique and overall plot material is supported with superb cinematography, great dialogues and a story that is deep, raw and very heartfelt. First of all, the plot is pretty much understandable. Its a story of two strangers met at a very random moment and eventually shared a nigh they won’t remember. As a whole, it is a story of chance encounters, timing and missed opportunities. I really like how the Director laid out the sincerity of the plot with the timelines presented in the movie. I would also like to commend the film’s Cinematography and sound engineering. The whole movie was done with artistry especially on the camera angles and shadows. The best part was of course the shot at St. Gallen which is by far my most memorable scene in the film. The whole backdrop was majestic and impressive. Of course, I also loved the Soundtrack especially the one with Moira’s. Since its a conversational film, the film usually invests on dialogues which the film did not disappoint from beginning to end. I was literally driven into a whole new kind of emotions listening to the words that come out from Jesse and Celeste. They were speaking on behalf of their souls and experiences. It was heartfelt and moving. The lines are relatable and engaging to the whole audience. Without spoiling the ending, I think the whole sequences were just right to give way to the climax. Despite three separate timelines, the movie never failed to create connections from one scene to another. Moreover, I also commend Bella and Carlo for such a strong chemistry together. Carlo being a musician and an aspiring Doctor was just so ideal for me. Carlo still has the charisma and the quality of acting that is worth your cinema ticket. Bella on the other hand never fails to impress me with her portrayal of a troubled artist wanting to be free of her own world. Bella was both charming and convincing for her role. Both of them both delivered their best performances and their connection with each other is undeniably strong.


Meet me in St. Gallen falls short in providing cohesive attachment for each scenes especially in the character developments of Jesse and Celeste. I think their was not much of the intensity given and invested on how the values and choices of the characters affected their confusing decision at each timelines they will meet again. Also, the climax will somehow let you question if what is the film trying to say to us? Well, it might be different with yours. Despite this forgivable flaw, you should go and see Meet Me in St. Gallen.


9/10 Popcorn

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