Fifty Shades Darker seems so basic and repetitive.




After a complicated relationship with Christian Grey, Anastasia broke off her relationship with the troubled bachelor to pursue a new career in Seattle. Christian will do anything to bring her back and is willing to give up some of his crazy fantasies just for Anastasia. The 2nd Film installment is written by Niall Leonard & directed by James Folley under Universal Pictures and is one of the 3 trilogies of the erotic novel of E.L. James.

Casts: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Rita Ora, Eric Johnson, Luke Grimes, Eloise Mumford, Bella Heathcote & Victor Rasuk.

Genre: Drama, Romance (R for Sexual nudity and content)


What to expect from a movie based on an erotic novel? Well, its mostly sex. I can’t give a review about the film with the basis of the novel as I haven’t read it but I will give my review based on the comparison of the first film: Fifty Shades of Grey. For non-novel fans, you could easily fall in love with the ideal Christian Grey and be mesmerized with what money can do. The first movie made quite an impression. Setting aside the charming Jamie and Dakota, the movie’s main marketing was SEX. Unfortunately, sex sells on movies. With the second film, the movie was brought to a whole new level. This time with better visuals, improved cinematography, and somehow an improved acting performance for both Johnson and Dornan. For all its hype’s worth, this R-18 film will surely please wide variety of moviegoers who has been sparked with curiosity with its controversial theme.


Well, I find it to be repetitive and basic. Repetitive in the sense that there were no major realizations on the 2nd film. The movie just repeated the 1st film’s formula minus the strict contract compliance and reward-punishment acts of course. I actually find it less appealing as the movie goes on. Johnson and Dornan might have the chemistry but its loosely interpreted script and somehow a tiring formula from the first keeps on coming back. Some supporting characters are either bad nor relevant. The conflict was not set well. The movie invested much on repetitive sex scenes to justify its sexual and erotic content. On the other hand, I find it basic in the sense that the sex scenes doesn’t excite me anymore. As far as fans of the novel, the book is really erotic and stimulating. With high expectations, I find it boring at times. You may or may not watch this one. Let’s see if where the hype and the curiosity will lead you in seeing this film.


6/10 Popcorns.

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