2017 · Pinoy Indie

Smaller and Smaller Circles

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Smaller and Smaller Circles is a film based on the Filipino Mystery Novel of the same title by F.H. Batacan that revolves around the solving of the murders of young boys in Payatas. The movie is directed by Raya Martin under TBA, Tuko Film Productions & Buchi Boy Entertainment.

Casts: Nonie Buencamino, Sid Lucero, Bembol Roco, Carla Humphries

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Investigative


Smaller and Smaller Circles is a Filipino Novel Adaptation from FH Batacan about the mystery of the death of young boys at Payatas Dumpsite. First of all, SASC is I believe a rare movie that took seriously the Murder Mystery Genre with its superb Production design and engrossing storyline. What I like about the movie is its depth and accurate attack on crime-solving scenes without sacrificing the whole plot and carefully laying out all cards and twists smoothly in a way that the audience enjoy every bit of mystery and thrills. Smaller and Smaller Circles has the right chunk of suspense wrapped in creative cinematography and a very consistent Period setting. It is set during 1997 and I really love its cinematic and nostalgic tone & impressive production design from the places, way of speech, vehicles and even upto their hair and make-up. Aside from this impressive piece of art, the movie has effectively brought its Filipino audience into the world of forensic investigation. For a Filipino film, SASC is in all angle,  a great and breakthrough film deserving of that spotlight. Raya’s take on the scenes are creative and compelling. Narration was on point and camera angles were clean. I really love on the how the scenes depicted a vivid picture and backdrop of Manila in the late 1990s plus a very brilliant approach in incorporating religion, politics and crime investigation into a nearly perfect package worthy of an international citation. I am also impressed   with the characters in Smaller and Smaller Circles. Lucero and Buencamino were both great in their portrayal sa Jesuit Forensic Priests. Buencamino gave a convincing role of Priest that stands firm with his beliefs. On the otherhand, Lucero is a very charming one inclined more on the Academic side. The two make a good chemistry in most of the scenes. I also like the support given by Humphries, Roco, Trinidad and the other casts. They were all effective on their chosen roles. The contrast of the characters and the demand of the plot fits perfectly. Overall, the movie is worth every cent of your admission ticket and perhaps one of the best Pinoy movies of all time.


Expecting this film to be action-packed might disappoint viewers since the approach is really different from that of the mainstream. In a forgivable consideration, how I wish the Climax part was built up on a different manner. A little bit intensity on the confrontation will do. Neverthless, it did not changed the way I looked at this masterpiece


10/10 Popcorns.

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